SURPRISE, SURPRISE, Needysweety is in town!

ImageOh my goodness! Here we are. I just got a call from my friend Zoe. I felt really bad to hear that she got into an accident, but i wish i didn’t have to pick up the “adorable” Needysweety at LAX. I truly love Needysweety, but sometimes my friend is a bit too much to handle, lol. OK, there’s no time for thinking, let me put on some jeans and a nice t-shirt so Needysweety won’t make any mean comments ’bout my outfit. I guess Needysweety is screaming at everybody and is gonna kill me if i don’t rush myself. I got to LAX in about 20 minutes. I was definitely luckier than Zoe. Needysweety was kinda relieved when i got there cuz my friend went through a lot at the airport after breaking her fingernail. Some people tried to take pictures of Needysweety and she got upset when people start to twitter the pics. You gotta know that Needysweedy is always fabolous, but the jet-lag is not her friend. We rushed quickly out of LAX and Needysweety told me a lot ’bout her trip to Europe, Zoe was on speakerphone. It was great to listen to her stories and we all laughed a lot. Needysweety kept talkin’ and sayin’ how much she loved Europe, how better the food was, how friendlier people were, and on and on, but why did she go there? I guess Zoe knows more than i do ’bout it. I gotta ask her next time i’ll see her. OMG! Doesn’t Needysweety get thirsty sometimes? For sure all that talk made me hungry, and i thought that at least she would have stopped talkin’ while eatin’. So we stopped at the “Griddle Cafe’ where I treated myself with a gigantic blueberry pancake. Who in the world can eat so much food in one spot? Well, for sure not me and neither the skinny, healthy Needysweety. Later on, we headed to her hotel, “Chateau Marmont”, and just chilled out in the lounge bar sipping some “Prosecco” and eating strawberries.



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