Does anybody have any news about Needysweety?

Well I have been absolutely and totally frantic.  You notice its been about a week since I have written.  Things went out of control.  Angelo left off Needysweety and I expected a call from her or him. No cigar.  I just figured he was as exhausted from running with Needysweety and she was bicoastally traveling tired and they would surface soon,  By Wednesday, when neither Angelo nor Sweety called, I started to panic .  I called the hotel’s front desk and they wouldn’t give me any info. They were so strict about protecting her privacy .  Then,  I drove over to Angelo’s and his newspapers were piling up. I debated about calling the LAPD but decided I was a becoming a hysteric like Needysweety, so I forced myself to chill.

Saturday afternoon,  I received a really unintelligible  message from Angelo and while I am not exactly worried any more, I am puzzled.  The message said “sorry I couldn’t call, Needysweety needed a lift and I am the designated driver.  Be back soon”.
All sorts of things ran through my mind. Ski lift, no.  Maybe she wanted to go out to lift her spirits but couldn’t be for so long. A lift to where, and why would Needysweety need a designated driver and where would she go in such secrecy for so much time?  I can’t wait to hear from Angelo again!

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