Kinda faboo!!

Oh, what a week, what a week that i had cuz of what Needysweety had been up to. First of all, i wanna  apologize to my friend Zoe for having been so inconsiderate. Once i’ve explained she’ll understand for sure. Well, where should I start?  So do you all remember that last week Needysweety got back to LA from her amazing European trip. Well, I was expecting that and wasn’t so shocked to hear her new crazy news. Apparently, while she was in Europe, she got toknow some new friends and most of them are experiencing something that is kinda faboo. At first Needysweety had wanted to contact Zoe cuz she needed her help and support to try this new experience. But since she knows how busy Zoe is at work, she decided to contact me instead. So, here i was, stuck again in one of the new intrigues of my friend. Not that i really wanted to be involved, but i need to be there for my friends and especially for one who’s needy and sweety at the same time.

Last week, Needysweety went in for a secret butt lift, but in her own personal Needysweety language she insists on calling it a tail lift!! Ok! seriously!! Yep, i’m serious. It wasn’t an easy procedure and while i was in the waiting room i asked myself what in the world she was doing. But, when i saw her, i just said WOW!! Every penny that she’d spent was worth it. Needysweety looks more enchanting than ever, if i can say that. Not satisfied enough with the surgery, she had to go through a complete make-over. First of all, she got a perm and her hair dyed with a light purple tone. While she was waiting in this Beverly Hills salon, she also got her mani and pedi done in a crackle purple nail-polish. What did i get from this crazy week? Well, i got to spend time with my friend and hear some funny, very peculiar stories. BTW Zoe, we got to see each other very soon, so i can tell u all of them. 😉



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