Catch Up Time



Angelo: we finally get to see each other Zoe. I’m so happy to see u cuz i have a ton of stories to tell u. Of course, most of them are bout our friend Needysweety. But let’s get comfy and first enjoy our ‘Mariage freres’ tea. Needysweety brought me this tea from Paris.

Zoe: Needysweety also brought me something from Paris. She brought me a bilious green Hermes scarf. It’s amazing how Needysweety always picks the color i hate. Do you think she does it on purpose? I really try to be a good friend.

Angelo: Well, you know who we have to deal with, and sometimes she’a s bit self-centered. But i really think she loves you cuz she remembered to buy you a present, not a cheap one, and after all i saw that color on many runaways this year. So do u want me to begin with last week’s events or shall i go back to Needysweety’s trip to Europe?

Zoe: From the nite of that terrible wind storm which was about a month ago, wasn’t it? (See i don’t even know that.) You see i lost all sense of time. I’m lost when it comes to Needysweety’s adventures. So tell me all.

Angelo: Needysweety’s trip to Europe was more than great. According to her, it was simply, incredibly, wonderfully amazing. She travelled for a month with her entourage. Her first stop was in  beautiful Paris. She got to spend some quality time hanging out with her pack of Parisian friends. This time she finally visited the Eiffel Tower and decided to climb it, even though, she suffers from vertigo. When she got to the top, she howled.  She had lunch in the restaurant, Le Jules Verne,  at the second level of the tower, and felt as if she were in a dream. For once, she didn’t feel needy. Maybe cuz she was in Xavier’s company.

Zoe: Excuse me! Just slow down. Can i ask you who Xavier is? Is he another stray that needysweety just picked up?

Angelo: Oh, you never heard ’bout Xavier? oh la la, la la, la la, la la la. So Xavier is Needysweety’s longtime friend. He’s French and he’s travelled all over the world. Needysweety doesn’t want to admit it, but i believe there’s something more than a friendship. I got to tell you that he could be a very good match for her. Of course, Needysweety is for sure better than he is in many different ways. However, Xavier seems to be very charming . You don’t know what happened one nite! It was about 2 am when Needysweety, who was very angry cuz there wasn’t any hot water, started barking at the manager and got thrown out of the hotel with everything that she owned. So, since it was almost impossible to find another hotel cuz of the time, and her angry and persistent barking and yelling, she called Xavier. Guess where she spent the night? At Xavier’s place, of course. She told me Xavier offered his bed to her and took refuge on the couch in the living room. I don’t know if i believed that. Who would sleep alone instead of enjoying a romantic nite in a beautiful Marais apartment along the Seine river? Just thinking!

Zoe: Wow! This is almost too much to digest. Let’s watch TV for a while. I heard that the Dog Whisperer is on and i love that show.


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