Where is Sweety?

Zoe: Hey Angelo. Have u heard from NeedySweety? I got up this morning and I realized it’s March 8th, the day before Day Light Saving Time, and i haven’t heard from and ’bout her since the end of January. 

Angelo: Well, now that you mentioned it i haven’t either. I’ve been so busy working that i haven’t had time even to think. Last time we were going to talk ’bout her butt lift, but the fire alarm went off in your apartment and i headed home. I guess u and i haven’t talked since then. LA is so captivating that u can say goodbye and i’ll c ya 2mrw and reconvene the conversation two months later.

Zoe: Speaking of that, i think we should each call around. U take Bella and Carlos and i’ll take Nicole and Laurent, and let’s ask them wass’up with Needysweety. I’ll call u on Sunday to figure out what’s going on.



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