Hello Zoe,

It was good to spend time with you and all the crew some days ago. I couldn’t believe what Carlos told us about Needysweety. Well, we knew that the butt-lift on Needysweety didn’t really work at the end and that put our lovely friend into such a low, bad mood. But I was shocked when Carlos said that he saw a picture on Rolling Stones of Rihanna with Needysweety at the airport of Lausanne, Switzerland. According to the related article, the two of them had just landed and were heading to Clinique La Prairie in Montreux. I’ve got to tell u the truth. After our meeting i called the Swiss clinic. At 1st they denied that Needysweety was there ‘cuz of their confidentiality policy. However, u know how stubborn and convincing i am. After keeping me on hold for thirty minutes, my phone bill will be ridiculously expensive this month, I got to talk to Needysweety. I have to tell u that our friend didn’t seem that ok on the phone. But Needysweety was happy to talk to me. I can’t wait to c u on Tuesday; i have a lot to update u with.



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